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To celebrate the launch of Web3Inbox, WalletConnect brings the Soundwaves Collection - a first-of-its-kind bioacoustic NFT art collection - to the web3 community in partnership with non-profit Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) and Transient Labs. The 'Signals' category comprises of multiple prints of 5 unique designs, all inspired by the “clicking” sounds produced by sperm whales when approaching the water's surface. Sperm whales use clicks and codas as sophisticated tools of communication and echolocation. Studying such sounds provides important insights into their complex social structures and unique individual identities within pods and helps understand the impact of human activities on their conservation. This edition will have multiple mints available during the campaign period of availability. Minting will close upon the campaign’s end.


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Ecological Entity

The Voices of the Sperm Whales of French Lesser Antilles

Bioacoustics plays a crucial role in the study and conservation of cetaceans. Bioacoustics is essential in this context, as Cetaceans use sound signals to communicate. It enables researchers to understand communication and behaviour patterns as these animals often rely on sound to hunt, move, and detect their environment. The use of bioacoustics enables cetacean populations to be monitored non-invasively. Moreover, this technique is used to assess disturbances from human activities, which can help develop management and policy strategies for cetacean populations. Understanding cetacean acoustic behaviour is essential to developing effective conservation plans. Sperm whales emit clicks and coda for all of their behaviours. Our research tries to understand the specific use of acoustic signals linked to behaviour. Aquasearch also tries to characterise the acoustic anthropogenic impact on their communication.

25 Jan 2024

Thank you, Web3Inbox users, for your Ecological Contribution!

Ecological Steward


Aquasearch offers expertise in the environmental and oceanographic fields, including scientific research projects (field and laboratory), as well as public awareness and communication (scientific popularization). They put their skills to work in France and abroad to carry out research projects in marine and freshwater environments. With a strong background in university research, they have forged close links with several research organizations (CNRS, SABIOD, MEDIMEER, etc.). They are jointly developing innovative research projects on the ecological and acoustic study of aquatic species.