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Ecological Entity

A Bottlenose Dolphin of Southern Portugal

The dorsal fins of bottlenose dolphins are unique in their shape, scarring, and colour to each individual, similar to a human fingerprint. Identifying individual animals allows marine biologists at AIMM to monitor and study individual animal behaviours and their intricate family dynamics. AIMM has been pioneering research into mother/calf interactions and the influence of human activities such as tourism and fishing on such relationships.

6 Mar 2024

AIMM Van: Saving Oceans, Sharing Knowledge

Ecological Steward


Established in 2010, AIMM is a Portuguese NGO committed to marine conservation and research, primarily in the Algarve and the Atlantic, with the goal of cultivating a sustainable environment for marine life. Its mission encompasses protecting marine species through scientific research, conservation, and public education to foster a greater understanding of the marine environment. AIMM is a global player in marine conservation, advocating for effective conservation measures, fostering responsible tourism related to cetaceans, and supplying scientific data to shape marine management policies and programs.