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Ecological Entity

A Minke Whale of Southern Portugal

The dorsal fins of minke whales exhibit distinct characteristics, varying in shape, scarring, skin patterns, and colouration for each individual, akin to a human fingerprint. Identifying these individual whales allows the marine biologists at AIMM to monitor and delve into the unique behaviours of each distinct whale.

Ecological Steward


Established in 2010, AIMM is a Portuguese NGO committed to marine conservation and research, primarily in the Algarve and the Atlantic, with the goal of cultivating a sustainable environment for marine life. Its mission encompasses protecting marine species through scientific research, conservation, and public education to foster a greater understanding of the marine environment. AIMM is a global player in marine conservation, advocating for effective conservation measures, fostering responsible tourism related to cetaceans, and supplying scientific data to shape marine management policies and programs.