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Ecological Entity

Lusinga the Zebra Station and Headquarters

This region is monitored by Lusinga, our Zebra Station and Headquarters. It is located on a high plateau at an altitude of 1800 meters. The flora mainly consists of grassy savannah, wooded savannah, and also the forest galleries that surround all the rivers taking their sources from the high plateau. The fauna includes Zebras, multiple species of antelopes, mammals like rodents and boars, and some carnivores, including jackals and different species of monkeys.

Animal stats:

Traces Recorded
From hippopotamuses : 12
From lions : 22
From sitatungas : 70
From lechwes : 119
From black antilopes : 692
From elephants : 888
From buffalos : 1168
From southern reedbucks : 3681
From zebras : 17212

Ecological Steward

Forgotten Parks Foundation

Forgotten Parks is a non-profit dedicated to protecting national parks and other biodiversity-rich areas worldwide. They currently manage Upemba National Park, a sprawling 13,000 KM² wilderness in South Congo (DRC). This vast reserve is home to hundreds of species, some of which are endemic and endangered, including elephants, buffalo, antelopes, lions, and monkeys. They envision a world where national parks, biodiversity, and healthy ecosystems are valued and protected, playing a central role in the well-being of a global society that champions the One Health approach.